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What to expect when implementing augmented reality (AR) or product configurator?

Are you looking to revolutionize your business and improve your way of selling custom products? Consider implementing augmented reality (AR) or product configurator tools. These cutting-edge technologies can help you increase conversions, develop individual sales channels, and make more informed decisions about investments in new tools.

While implementing new tools or technologies can be challenging, it's important to consider the benefits and resources required to do so. For small and medium-sized companies, each decision is risky, so it's crucial to ask the basic question: what benefits will this investment bring us?

AR - allows your clients to see your products in their space.


  1. Customer Engagement: An interactive and engaging experience that supports customer engagement has an impact on the speed and certainty in making a purchasing decision. Research conducted in the USA shows that the vast majority, i.e. 85%, of consumers are interested in AR as a way of interacting with products.

  2. Reaching younger generations: Gen Z / Millennials are 71% more likely to use AR constantly compared to older generations. (Snap consumer AR Global Report)

  3. Better visualization and understanding of how products work, which impacts in fewer returns

  4. Relatively low cost of implementation on the website using existing 3D models of products

  5. Stand out from the competition by offering a more modern approach to the customer needs and shopping experience


  1. Preparing 3d models: this applies to organizations that do not yet have 3d models

  2. Monthly cost: Most providers of webAR functionalities make money on monthly packages, similarly to e-commerce or CRM platforms.

Industries that love AR:

  • Furniture

  • Automotive

  • Beauty

  • Broadly understood online sales

Although AR can bring many benefits to different types of companies and products, there are also cases where the implementation of AR may not be justified, e.g. low-tech products such as food products or books.

3D configurator for the sale of custom products


  1. Accelerating the sale process of custom products. The configurator allows the recipients to visualize in 3D (and price) all possible variants of the product in real time. Materials, accessories, size, height, depth, etc. An example of such a tool implemented on the Sketchfab platform for Blu Łazienki.

  2. Increased sales: Giving your customers and your sales team a real-time customization and visualization tool drives sales and revenue.

  3. Reducing costs: 3d configurators save time and money that the company spends on developing an individual visualization or offer. Just like the configurator implemented for Exclusive Spaces does.

  4. Customer satisfaction: 3D configurators provide customers with a more personalized and tailored shopping experience.

  5. Increased efficiency: By automating the product configuration process, 3D configurators can help streamline operations and reduce errors.

  6. Integrating with an ecommerce platform or collecting leads: some companies use ecommerce, and some brands focus on collecting leads. Depending on the needs or sales model, the configurator can be integrated with an online store or generate an initial offer in PDF or email and obtain contact details of potential customers, as in the case of the Paradise Grills configurator.


  1. Initial cost: Implementation of the 3D configurator can be a significant expense, but it doesn't have to be. The amount depends on the availability of 3D solids, the number of variants and additional functionalities. Ready-made 3D models will certainly reduce the cost.

  2. Maintaining the 3D configurator requires a good server and software updates on average once a year, which is usually performed by the company responsible for building the tool.

Industries that love product configurators:

  • Furniture industry

  • Automotive

  • Construction

  • Footwear

Both configurators and webAR created by the AR-range team do not require technical knowledge or installation of additional applications from users.

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