Consistent ecommerce development is Augmented Reality (case study)

Paradise Grills is America's largest outdoor kitchen manufacturer, which offers the world's strongest built outdoor kitchens, fire features, and Tiki huts with many personalized options. Over a year ago, the company decided to implement a 3d configurator, which would allow customers to adjust the grill islands to their individual needs. The 3d configurator turned out to be a game-changer but its distinguishing feature was just behind the corner.

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Enchant clients with products details to sell more in your ecommerce

The post-pandemic market has certainly become more competitive for brands selling mainly online. Many traditional sellers have been forced to expand the omnichannel sales model. 

Therefore, among others furniture brands are changing and investing in the development or building of new sales tools in online channels, with an emphasis on mobile first.

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Use of Augmented Reality in furniture e-commerce (article)

Sofa, wardrobe, chair or even new pieces of graphic art are those kinds of goods that are more expensive and stay with customers for longer than for instance a jumper. Furniture decorates our houses, flats, or gardens for years. We have contact with them every day. Therefore, these purchasing decisions are less likely to be impulsive. They require a longer verification process to ensure they fit the space in which they are to appear. Selling these types of goods requires rethinking the technologies and tools that are being used online.

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Your new garden home. Pure Modular (case study)

“Working in pyjamas, with your kids around, with TV on, knowing that this Pringle’s- filled kitchen is just 10ft away is sooo cool.
For the first 3 days.

...then it becomes frustrating”.

In times conducive to remote work, looking for a place to concentrate, we are out there on our own. No more cosy office, fruity Thursdays, table football or a beer-filled fridge the boss pretends to have no idea about.

You want to work in focus? You need to create your very own workplace. You don’t want to get a ticket? You need to do it at home. One might say - mission impossible.

But is it?

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Customise your new sofa and preview with Web-AR (case study)

Why can personalized products constitute a competitive advantage, and then turn into a shot in the knee? Furniture makers whose sales were based on brick-and-mortar stores learned this lesson at an accelerated pace as trade moved online in 2020. After all, their customers wanted to touch the fabrics, feel how comfortable the product is and finally see it with their own eyes.

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Easiest way to configure a modular sofa (case study)

Imagine you want to reduce your production costs. So you decide to standardize the production a little. You switch to modular furniture. This way, with just a few products, you have an unlimited number of combinations on offer. It seems to you that all the problems with production, storage and personalization are over.

Then you realize that you have no way of showing the client his future piece of furniture.

Never mind - you are doing a photo session. You order to photograph several variants of your sofa, but you know the downside of this solution. Taking the photo does not reflect even 1% of the possibilities offered by the modules.

You just got back to square one. Your client sees the photo and then calls you asking: "I have as much and as much space, what would you advise me?" It wasn't that, was it?

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How to use augmented reality as an advantage in selling your products?

Augmented reality offers great opportunities in many areas, although initially it was mainly used for entertainment. In recent years, it is used, in industries like medicine, education, training, online commerce, and tourism. It has a large contribution to the development of business around the world, not only among giants such as Google, Amazon or Meta, but also small and medium-sized companies use it. All you need is openness and access to a tool or team that understands AR and knows how to use it in business.


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