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Amazing photorealistic animations and visualizations for Paradise Grills

The problem of many companies is the lack of quality content presenting the product in a tempting way that will attract the attention of consumers and encourage them to buy.

Photo sessions carried out in photo studios or outdoors are usually very time-consuming and expensive. Another problem is that graphic materials quickly become outdated and difficult to modify. Although traditional photos and video materials still serve many brands, product visualizations based on 3D assets have also become a standard.

Such renders can be created on various arrangements, variants and with the use of various materials. Their advantage lies in the possibility of their ongoing modification and adoption depending on the channel in which they are presented, e.g. in an ecommerce, physical stores or social media channels.

3D models with the help of modern tools such as Unreal Engine can also be used to create stunning and photorealistic product animations.

Using visualizations and product animations in rebranding

Paradise Grills is the largest American manufacturer of outdoor kitchens with a wide range of grill islands, fire features, and tiki huts. Last year, the company's management decided to refresh the image and strengthen online channels (3d configurator and ecommerce).

Presenting products associated with outdoor dining in a relaxed environment requires creating images that will enchant customers and capture their imagination. The representative products of Paradise Grills are roofed grill islands in a tropical or more classic style. The brand decided to use these products as the main theme in the refreshed communication with customers.

The first attempts at an outdoor photo session turned out to be problematic in terms of logistics and budget. As an alternative, the Ar-range team, working with Paradise Grills on the 3D  configurator and augmented reality, presented an animation sample showing a grill island in a tropical setting, created using Unreal Engine 5.

Based on the sample animation, its quality and the additional possibilities it offered, the client decided to resign from the traditional session in favor of animation and visualization.

The process of creating animations and product visualizations

  1. Stage
    Both animations and static renders require the selection and setting of the environment in which the product will be shown. Also important are tests with the time of day, which have a large impact on light and shade. The environment can reflect the real conditions of the product's functioning or something more out of the box. At this stage, the quality of the 3D models is tested - if the animations are to be photorealistic, the models must perfectly reflect the product along with its minor shortcomings.

  2. Shots
    Selecting the most attractive shots and individual stages of animation is a creative job that requires knowledge of the product and knowledge in the field of film production. The final effect is to present the most important features of the product in an attractive environment.

  3. Work sessions, iterations
    The preparation of the animation requires verification and opinion on the client’s end and the creative director. During the workshop, changes are made in real time, and individual animations are moved on, modified or trashed.

  4. The final result
    Animations are to attract attention and charm the customer in various channels, they are also to support customers in obtaining information about products and encourage them to deepen their knowledge about them. If such are the tested opinions about animations, they can be sent to the marketing department in selected formats. Any subsequent changes to products in 3D, variants, materials, shots or time of day can be made quickly and at low cost.

The most important advantages of product animations:

  • Enhanced Product Marketing: Product animations can be used to create engaging marketing materials such as product demos, product launch videos, and explainer videos. These materials can help build excitement and brand image.

  • Increased Sales: Product animations can help increase sales by providing customers with a better understanding of your product and by generating excitement and interest in your product.

  • Improved Product Understanding: By creating an animated product visualization, you can provide customers with a better understanding of your product's features, functionality, and benefits. 

  • Time and Cost Savings: Using Unreal Engine to create product animations can be more time and cost-effective compared to traditional methods. You can quickly and easily make changes to animations or visualizations without incurring the costs of repeating sessions.

In general, product animations and static renderings can be a valuable tool for companies that need a large amount of quality, lifestyle content to sell products with many variants

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