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How Augmented Reality support sales of custom, hand-crafted Home Theater Seating

The Canadian manufacturer of the highest quality home theater seats, Elite HTS, decided to entrust customers with the personalization of its products. The 3D configurator built on the Sketchfab platform turned out to be the best tool for this task.

Thanks to this solution company’s customers, designers or business partners can adjust the seats in terms of the backrest, armrest, color, finishes or layout. The 3d configurator improved sales in terms of visualization, product personalization and acquiring valuable leads.

Another natural step in experiencing a product and tailoring it to clients individual needs is to give them possibility to try it at home. Web Augmented Reality (webAR) is becoming an increasingly common technology used by both smaller and larger brands, neatly weaving webAR into the e-commerce sales process. AR in e-commerce is no longer a niche solution, and by 2024 over 1.7 billion people will be AR users. Currently, according to Statista, there are 1.07 billion of them.

Elite HTS has clients on 4 continents. To develop sales across the continents, the brand tries to provide excellent quality product visualization, without having to see it in the showroom. WebAR responds well to this need, and the fact that the company already has all 3D models only makes the task easier. The trouble was the product configurators built on the Sketchfab platform did not provide the ability to generate AR content for each individual configuration in real-time. However, this changed at the beginning of 2022, when the AR-range team created a proprietary script that enabled the generation of AR models for the 3D configurator for Paradise Grills.

The AR tool built for Elite HTS allows users to virtually place home theater seating in their homes and check their appearance, size and whether they match the interior design. The armchair or sofa can be freely displayed, rotated, moved. All this using a smartphone. The AR function is also used by desktop users who receive a QR code - after scanning the code with a smartphone, they smoothly move to the view of the furniture in AR. This function is also used by computer users who, after completing the configuration, receive a QR code - after scanning the code with a smartphone, they smoothly move to the view of the furniture in AR. Enriching the shopping experience by adding augmented reality results in a tangible effect in the form of higher conversion from leads.

Regardless of what continent the recipient of the handmade Elite HST seats is located, all they need is their smartphone to see a full-size and individually tailored product in their home. Thanks to this, the manufacturer assures customers that they are making the right choice that will stay with them for years. The Elite HTS sales team was thrilled with the launch of webAR.

On the top of that, the Ar-range team took care of improving the appearance and operation of the 3D configurator interface in the desktop view, and above all on mobile devices. Currently, the configuration process on smartphones is friendly for both iOS and Android users.

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